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Club News

Bus Seminar..

Saturday 26th April 2014 10:30am -13:30pm

Hawthorn Travel,

Unit 10,

Ty Vernon Industrial Estate,

Cardiff Road,


CF63 2BE

£25 per head.

  • Reality based self defence course on a bus !
  • Learn to operate effectivley within a confined, unstable environment.
  • Seated, standing, trapped ...
  • Assuming your attacker will show no quarter,
  • Learn to deal with a potential threat efficiently and swiftly whilst maintaining control.

Pub Seminar..

The Canadian Pub, Off Broadway in Splott.

Saturday 23rd Nov 2013 09:00am -12:00pm

£10 per head , concentrating on :

  • Working in confined spaces
  • Exciting an area of conflict
  • Multiple attackers
  • Attacks while sitting
  • Various obstacles and hazards
  • Real pub .. Real Environment !

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